Field Trips

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At the last meeting we came up with some ideas for field trips. Based on a tally we took for all the ideas I have three Field Trips tentatively booked.
1.  Sept. 26, 2016- Geology hike with real geologist at Occoneechee Mt. Quarry in Eno River ST. Pk. Starts at 2pm
2. March 30, 2017- Peacefull River Farm. We will do a 3 hr. healthy cooking class and taste test( lunch) and go on a tour of the farm. The cooking class is $50.00 and the tour is free. This should be a great class to help us learn what eating healthy and cooking healthy is all about. Start saving your pennies now and it won’t hurt so bad.
3. May 10, 2017 Botanical Gardens/Arboretum
If any of these sound good to you put them on your calendar and we will talk about them at the next meeting. I will need to know a count for the Sept. trip at the next meeting (or before) also. Please sign up only if you really intend to go!

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