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Posting for Nita, some good info:

An important premise that we as healthcare practitioners have subscribed to is one that indicates
that antibiotics kill bacteria but cause no harm to our body’s cells. But new research is challenging
this idea. In a recent report appearing in the journal Translational Medicine, researchers revealed
that some of our most commonly used antibiotics are actually toxic to mitochondria, the small
bacteria-like particles that live within each of our bodies. Exposure to antibiotics of various types has
now been demonstrated to damage mitochondria and at the same time increase the formation of
toxic free radicals that can further damage tissue, including protein, fat, and DNA.
Interestingly, in the study, the detrimental effects of the antibiotics seemed to be offset when the
animals were treated with a nutritional supplement, N-acetyl- L-cysteine, (NAC). NAC was found to
dramatically mitigate damage to mitochondria with the authors concluding that the use of NAC might
help us achieve, “the goal of improving the safety of antibiotic treatment in people.”
This is very important information from two perspectives. First, the potential damage to our
mitochondria is yet another reason to be as judicious as possible in terms of using antibiotics.
Second, this newly discovered, potentially detrimental, effect of antibiotics might well be prevented
by the use of a simple nutritional supplement
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