many (related to our last meeting)

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Hi All,

Links for Dave Asprey|Bulletproof websites: (products) (he teaches how to make the coffee with butter and you can also get more information about how the coffee is grown/processed).

Interview on Gaia TV: BTW, I highly recommend subscribing Gaia TV, there are dozens of documentaries and series on GMOs, different approaches to healing diseases, environment, etc

Dr. Perlmutter’s website: (neurologist, he approaches the topic ‘ketosis’ in some of her articles/posts)
Dr. Mercola on ketogenic diet for beginners:

Dr. Lustig about dangers of sugar:

Donna Eden on Energy Medicine (she uses magnets depending on the cases): (some people don’t like her videos, I recommend reading her book ‘Energy Medicine’)
Dr. Shealy (pioneer on Holistic Medicine):
The sacred rings work for me.

Thanks and have an easy day!


One thought on “many (related to our last meeting)

  1. I’ve been a fan of Gaia for years!


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